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Dreambox bahrain
Produced by the German manufacturers, Dream Multimedia is the ever famous DTH Set-top-box better known as the Dreambox. This is a Linux operating system based utility and Dream Multimedia in 2007 introduced the non-Linux based set-top-box to satisfy the demands of its customers. The Dreambox is available in various models and all these are categorized into 3 types - Terrestrial, Cable and Satellite.

Let us take a look at some of the well known models of Dreambox:
The Dreambox 500 was the world's smallest DTH when introduced during 2005. It is still the most popular model introduced by Dream Multimedia. It runs on open source software which makes it easy to compile data. But the sad part is the company has decided to stop the production of this model because of the copycat fake Chinese products which are easily available in the market. So be aware, the DM500 is no longer in production so if a website tells you that they sell it, make sure to check the description twice because you don't want to end up with some second grade china make-up!
The Dreambox 800 HD is the latest sensation among the TV viewers today. It is the first ever HD set-top-box introduced by Dream Multimedia and it has endless options. But during the first months of sales, the piece received bad reviews from its users and many of them claimed that the device freezes at some points and it gets overheated at times. But the company learned from its mistakes and it rectified the above mentioned faults. Now, the product is on top of the market once again.
The latest and top most product of Dreambox with respect to the price as well as the options is the DM8000 HD. As the name suggests, this is also a HD DTH device and it also supports ultra quality MPEG4 video format. The set top box also contains a USB port in which you can connect supported hardware. Unlike other set top boxes, this device contains an Ethernet port using which you can access the internet without needing a Laptop or a Desktop. The device also plays mp3 music and opens JPEG photos.

The thing which impresses people the most about Dreambox is its open source adaptation. This makes it possible for various open source related software to pair with the device. Using that, it becomes possible to pair the device and to watch encrypted Television over the internet.

To conclude, it is only fair to say that Dreambox is the true king of the DTH world.

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